Sunday, November 20, 2005

Burning Man, meet E3

Sign of Hex168
Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

I'm in the Mojave desert this weekend for the gamer festival that marks the launch of the XBox 360. Think: Burning Man meets E3.

While I'm playing GUN at 2 am in the desert with thousands of other gamers, you can watch me on MTV and MTV2 all week on A Gamer's Paradise, which is a special 1/2-hour show all about the Hex168 game that 42 Entertainment produced as a lead-up to the desert festival.

My role on the Hex168 project was to design an experience that would get hard-core videogamers out into the real world doing playful things with their friends. Over 2500 stunts across the U.S. later... well, you'll see: The show premieres tonight on MTV at midnight, again at 6:30 on Monday, and repeats 1o more times across the two networks throughout the week.


Anonymous said...

No MTV in Canada.

We are definitely losing out. (:

weephun said...

Had a great time there. Thanks for setting up this contest. Our hexcast entry made the 2nd cut of the MTV special and it was SOOOOOO cool to see myself on national TV. :)