Friday, January 27, 2006

approaching the arctic circle

finland 105
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On Monday, we took a tiny plane from Copenhagen to Helsinki, where I gave a lecture (yes, culminating as always with a game of massively multiplayer thumbwrestling!), met up with some of my favorite game studies people for amazing quantities of Finnish eat, drink and play, and then spent a day workshopping (and conspiring) with iPerg researchers from Tampere, Stockholm and Helsinki. Then, yesterday, a six hour train ride further north to Oulu, where I get to keynote the Sagas net pervasive applications workshop tonight. Tomorrow, Kiyash and I will actually get to visit the Arctic circle, where among other things we hopefully will go on a husky safari. Finland is beautiful. We love it! On Sunday, we fly a tiny plane back to Copenhagen, a huge plan to Seattle, and a medium plane to SFO, where we will be reunited with our little shetland sheepdog Meche, who has been on a vacation of her own. You can watch her on this doggy cam. P.S. Being immersed among all these pervasive researchers and developers has been a great way to semi-consciously work on my dissertation. Many conceptual breakthroughs and lots of exciting notes written in the margins of weird Scandinavian artefacts. P.P.S. On Monday, regular avant gamey blog posts resume, including news on future zombie village playtests, a new street corner gaming experiment Kiyash and I want to try, the release of a second and third series of latchkeys.


Anonymous said...

But did your luggage make it to Helsinki? Inquiring minds are on the edges of their seats (eww...)!

Caleb said...

Or tossing their cookies over the edges of their seats (waaait a second) :)

Sounds like "Pure Pwnage"

Anonymous said...

i have find you today, god know by what kind of associative web surfing
and loved your Key project a lot!!!
at your site project:
i came across one photo that puzzled me, i would love you to explain what is it that we see there:
i see two boys attached to a spider-like it game? a prototype of a game? :)
in short, what is it exactly?

Jane said...

Moon-- that was a photo of a Go Game Stunt! The mission was to use string to transform a city object. They transformed the door!

Caleb said...

So, the obvious question to ask, Jane, in reply to you're Post PostScript, is... Which Monday?