Friday, January 20, 2006

i did something horrible in a previous life

to deserve the past 40 hours of travel hell.


Arrived in Stockholm. 3 hours spent trying to get an SAS rep to tell us: How do we get a flight to Copenhagen and WHERE IS OUR LUGGAGE.

Got booked on the last evening flight to Copenhagen. However, SAS told us that they didn't think our luggage would make it onto the plane, and they would arrange to have it sent to our hotel sometime in the next 3 days. !!!

At least we were going to Copenhagen. EXCEPT.

Redirected to Malmo. SWEDEN!! Our second flight to Copenhagen sending us to another Swedish city instead. What is up?

I have spent so much time in Sweden! I don't need to be in Sweden! I need to be in DENMARK!

We were supposed land in Malmo. Except for snowstorm. They didn't have a runway clear. Circled. FOREVER. Waiting for them to clear snow and de-ice a runway.

We landed. The brakes of the plane. KIND OF worked. I've never seen Kiyash look alarmed on a plane before. We're barrelling down the runway at really fast speed with no sign of slowing. He looks at me like we are in trouble.

Eventually we stop. Pilot tells us a bus will arrive in two hours to take us to Copenhagen.

Okay so now I am sitting in Malmo airport SWEDEN waiting for a bus WITHOUT OUR LUGGAGE having been traveling on planes and in airports for FORTY STRAIGHT HOUR NOW okay and only 1 hour cummulative sleep on airport lounge floor

Oh and only crappy Basset wine gums to eat from a Duty Free store that was still open. MAYNARDS WHERE ARE YOU.

It is past midnight here, our hotel room has been given away, I am tired and look like hell and no food and no bus and NO LUGGAGE.

I know this is some kind of adventure and someday I will look back at it as the winter weather Scandinavian wonderadventure. Sigh.

P.S. The kid in front of me who threw up on me? He had been lying down (we were both aisle seats) and he woke up and just turned his head back towards me, over the armrest, and hurled all over my legs, feet, and floor space. SO yeah. That's the physics.

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Caleb said...

Now normally, i like physics, but in this case i have one word: