Sunday, January 22, 2006

six slices of cake, 28-dice games, and a cemetery

copenhagen 058
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Scandinavian adventure updates.

The downside:

Our luggage is still lost, and they do not expect to return it to us on this trip. :( We have been wearing the same clothes for 4 days now, washing our underwear in the sink and blowdrying it in the morning. How glamorous! Also, all my fleece socks, thermal shirts and other Artice Circle-appropriate clothes that I purchased at North Face and REI specifically for this adventure are in the missing luggage. So we are woefully ill-equipped for the cities we are visiting after Copenhagen.

The upsides: Okay, so our hotel felt so sorry for us they double-upgraded us to the Royal Suite, which must go for easily $500 a night. We have the most beautiful view of Copenhagen from our window. Both bathroom floors are heated for your cold bare feet, our favorite royal touch.

The snow that screwed up our flights and luggage is so beautiful. We have been tromping through it all day, we love it.

We have shared six slices of six different cakes at La Glace.

We were able to attend the public gathering at the Royal Christening.

We made snow angels in the Kirkegaard Cemetery today.

We visited the hippie island Christiania and saw a WOLF puppy playing with a German Shephard.

We had an amazing vegetarian dinner with the very dear Liz Kastrup last night, followed by rowdy, rowdy gambling dice games in Bo Bi Bar with local, Heavy Metal loving, very drunken Danes who bought us drinks.

We are going to another amazing vegetarian restaurant tonight.

So okay no luggage but we have had a beautiful time for two days otherwise.


The Dancing Kids said...

heated floors. The hotel slut in me SIGHS heavily.

Caleb said...

Well, its nice to see that things are looking up for you two at least! I saw shades of The Amazing Race in some of those pics too. :)

Well, have fun in you're *drool* amazing hotel room *drool*.

Jane said...

Magiske, you are a genius... indeed, we just switched from our SAS flight to the Finnair flight... we had a special head's up about the strike from an inside source at SAS, who have been horrible to us EXCEPT for one kind soul who took pity on our situation and saw that we would at least get on our flight to Helsinki after all...

and sirquady, so funny, we have totally been like "It's okay, it's just like the amazing race..."

Caleb said...

By random coincidence, THE AMAZING RACE WANTS YOU!

just go to

They even HAD a open casting call in San Fransisco...but the casting call is over....oh well. ;)

Wait, 28-dice games? Oooh!