Monday, January 01, 2007

Kiss Me!

Happy New Year's!

I got two great kisses for New Year's. (Okay, 3 if you count Meche licking my face.)

First, a big smooch from my husband Kiyash at midnight.

Second, an even bigger smooch this morning from the Contra Costa Times, which is running the nicest profile of me I've ever read. I don't normally link to press coverage about me, but they ran a cute picture of me with my pink cell phone on my even pinker desk, and they even mention "my beloved black and white sheltie named for a videogame character, of course" which means you know they understand my soul. ^_^ Thanks CCT!

As long as I'm linking, if you haven't seen this, CNET ran this great edited transcript of the Second Life interview I did a couple of weeks ago with Daniel Terdiman. He is doing a lot of brililant writing about games, in general, and so I'm always glad when he calls me. I really like the way this interview turned out. He even let me talk about why the Wii is going to be good for democracy! Love it!


Patrick said...

You don't link to your clippings often? When I get a quote in, five words, I link - clearly you're much humbler than I am.

On a tangential topic to the Wii divesting democracy, I'm convinced simualted violence is the second greatest way to prosecute the war on terror, next to creating jobs. Think about it, if we can give Arab young man an outlet for aggresion, one that is pro-Arab but anti-terror and not nessecarily pro-U.S. (which is practically a terrorist agency) then we can demonstrate where those engergies should be directed to improve the infrastructures of those nations from the inside-out.

Anonymous said...

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WriTerGuy said...

Um, Kiyash's aim? Not so good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the OT, but do you have any official interesting opinions about this NY Times article on new-fangled playgrounds?