Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cruel 2 B Kind Is Now 100% DIY

It's the one-year anniversary of Cruel 2 B Kind. And to celebrate this milestone, Ian and I have updated the C2BK game website to be 100% do-it-yourself all the time.

For the first time, we're making our super secret database of weapons public. We've added a brand new, behind the scenes puppet mastering guide. And we've replaced our Host a Game application with instructions for how to go ahead and host it yourself.

This new do-it-yourself version features a much more ad hoc, lightweight technology infrastructure: you, your email, and your cell phone. Unlike previous versions, which were entirely automated through our mobile email-based Web app, you now will have to have a few people skills and not mind adding up player scores yourself. The downside of this is that you can't mindlessly run a game, or play it yourself if you're the host. The upside is you will learn l33t puppet mastering skills and can run a game any time, without syncing up with our system or worrying if your players know how to use mobile email.

The new website also features the amazing Cruel 2 B Kind feature from Current TV, which is ideal for showing new players how to kill with kindness.

Ian and I are so proud of this game. It's been played in more than 20 cities in 8 countries on 4 continents so far, and now that it's 100% do-it-yourself, we know it will spread farther, faster. So have at it, assassins! Menace with compliments, attack with helpful gestures, and slay with serenades!


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just dumb, but where's the database of weapons on the site? I can't find it for the life of me. Thanks!

Jane said...

It's actually included in the Puppet Master guide which is downloadable on the hosting page!

Anca said...

I had a really good time playing this game in San Diego last May. Thanks for making it so easy to run! I'll be hosting one or two Cruel 2 B Kind events in San Francisco and Oakland soon. Yay!