Thursday, July 10, 2008

Make a game with me! I'm hiring 2 PHP programmers!

Help me invent a brand-new genre of online gaming!

The Institute for the Future is looking for two PHP programmers to help build Superstruct, our first ever MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER FORECASTING GAME. Players will work together to forecast the year 2019, and the game focuses on real-world threats to the survival of the human species.

Basically, it's an exciting and save-the-world kind of project. Join us!

(Find out more about Superstruct)

Here's what we need:

FRONT-END: A WEB INTERFACE PROGRAMMER who can build highly interactive web pages in PHP/Javascript/CSS and work with the game design team to spec the design and with the graphic design team to implement the design. UI Flash skills are a plus.

BACK-END: A DATABASE PROGRAMMER who can work in PHP. Tasks will include integrating web forms for capturing blog posts, setting up forums, doing simple surveys, computing survey results, and feeding results to graphic displays. Drupal knowledge is a plus.

Both positions are short-term positions that start immediately and are expected to last through September. San Francisco/Bay Area individuals are preferred, but remote work is possible. Salaries commensurate with experience.

This is an opportunity to work with a game pioneer and a world-renown non-profit research institute to help address the problems we face as a global society over the coming decade. We expect this game to be groundbreaking and receive a lot of attention, not to mention extremely fun to work on.

Send me an email and tell me about yourself and your experience - write to jane @ the-name-of-this-blog dot com!


hmrpita said...

We expect this game to be groundbreaking and receive a lot of attention, not to mention

I LOVE that you did not mention! :)

Jane said...

lol pita -- i just mentioned. that's really funny. that would be a cool email tick. not to mention (silence) at the end of every paragraph.

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