Monday, September 22, 2008

The Superstruct Story begins today!

What does the world of 2019 look like? Find out now! The Superstruct Story begins today.

It's September 22, 2019, and the five superthreat videos are LIVE. (produced by the amazing Emmy-award nominated Kiyash Monsef!) Watch the five superthreat videos now -- follow this link to the Superstruct sneak preview site, or just watch the embedded videos below! See news from the future, and find out exactly what dangers and challenges we face with Quarantine, Ravenous, Power Struggle, Outlaw Planet and Generation Exile.

Superthreat #1: QUARANTINE

Superthreat #2: RAVENOUS

Superthreat #3: POWER STRUGGLE

Superthreat #4: OUTLAW PLANET

Superthreat #5: GENERATION EXILE

After you watch the videos, dig deeper... the Global Extinction Awareness Report is live as well. Read the GEAS report!

Here's a sneak preview...

The Final Threat:

Outputs of the Global Extinction Awareness System's
2019 Petabyte-Scale Global Simulation


The human species has a long history of overcoming tremendous obstacles, often coming out stronger than before. Indeed, some anthropologists argue that human intelligence emerged as the consequence of the last major ice age, a period of enormous environmental stress demanding flexibility, foresight and creativity on the part of the small numbers of early Homo sapiens. Historically, those who have prophesied doom for human civilization have been proven wrong, time and again, by the capacity of our species to both adapt to and transform our conditions.

It is in this context that the Global Extinction Awareness System (GEAS) offers its forecast of the likely extinction of humankind within the next quarter-century....

And join the Facebook group to disuss which Superthreat you plan to adopt first, and more! (~500 members and counting...)

See you again on October 6, 2008 (two weeks from today) when gameplay goes lives -- and we take this scenario and start superstructing!

UPDATE: Lol, Superstruct players are AWESOME. Here's an amazing reply to the Outlaw Planet superthreat video... that was FAST!


sfllaw said...

Awesome videos, Jane! Props to your team!

But a link in your blogpost is broken. :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kiyash did an excellent job ! Congratulats to him and everyone who worked on this.
And good luck with Superstruct, Jane !

Anonymous said...

Wow nice videos and really excellent thought. Waiting for next one.