Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm not a werewolf

It's you! It's SO you!
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"I'm a villager! I swear! " (No, Zach was a totally a werewolf. Meanwhile, I was lynched by an angry mob, the entire circle pounding the tables and chanting "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Sigh.) Saturday night, we played Werewolf 'til 4:30 AM. So basically, there is a proposition on the table to officially rename FOOcamp 2006 WEREWOLFcamp 2006.

Also on the FOOcamp Gameplay scene: earlier in the evening I organized a Zen Scavenger Hunt. danah boyd conspired with me to create a FOO-cific scavenger hunt list worth of the genius minds gathered up here at O'Reilly's for the weekend. For those of you who haven't experienced the experience of my ZSH project, here's how it works: You collect your objects and THEN we give you the list. You have to creatively hack and mod your objects and design clever demo's and performances to persuade the judges that the objects you already have is a perfect match for our list. Here are the rules and the list from last night... How would you have done?

Social Play & SuperGaming!
The Zen Scavenger Hunt / FOOcamp 2005

Please find the following objects:

A problem (2 points)
A non-scalable solution to object #1 (3 points)
A scalable solution to object #1 (6 points)
A new mobile Web 2.0 platform (demo, please) (3 points)
An experiment in nanotech bioengineering gone bad (3 points)
A self-replicating machine (demo, please) (7 points)
A passenger amenity from the first commercial space flight shuttle (2 points)
A working tele-operated object (demo, please) (7 points)
A tool for collaboration (3 points)
A relic from the battle between the monkeys and the robots. (P.S. Who won?) (3 points
Edible computing (demo, please) (6 points)
FOObarred TM Anti-Surveillance Device (4 points)

You have 45 minutes to find these objects.
You can only use the objects your team already has—no trading, no substitutions.
You can hack and mod your objects any way you want.
Your success in finding these objects will be judged by other teams, based on your live demonstrations and explanations.
In the case of any judging disputes, puppetmasters have the final vote.
In the case of a tie, teams will play a 60-second death-defying, single-object tiebreaker round.

(In this case, we did have a tiebreaker: "a thing of exquisite beauty.")

Coming soon: A flickr set from the ZSH...

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