Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Place Stormers, UNITE!

Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

This is a call to gaming action.

We are collecting and investigating superhero manifestos, and we need your help.

Our focus is on a very unusual kind of superhero, a group of highly advanced thinkers and researchers who are leaving behind cryptic documents that explain their strange missions, superpowers and supertools. We're not sure what these manifestos mean, and we need your help figuring it out.

You are invited to create geocaches for these superhero manifesto in public locations, so that others can find the manifestos and learn more about the superheroes.

You are also invited to choose your favorite manifesto and take on the superhero mission it describes. You can take photographs and show us your superhero interventions.

Of course, if YOU happen to be one of these strange superheroes and you want to share your manifesto with us, you can create one here.


The Place Storming database is now live. You are invited to visit the site and download a superhero manifesto.

There are two things you can do with a manifesto:

1) Print it and geocache it in a public location, with the prop of your choosing. (And choose wisely! This prop will become the supertool for superheroes who attempt to accomplish the mission you are geocaching.)

2) Print the manifesto and take it to a public location of your choosing, where you will perform the mission described in the superhero manifesto. Don't forget to bring a prop for your supertool, and

Of course, you also can do both-- perform, and then geocache!


No GPS devices? No worries. We have free tools on the Place Stormer site to help you out. You don't need any special technology to join us.

You can play any time, anywhere in the world.

Go Place Storm!

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