Saturday, August 20, 2005

no sleep til sebastopol

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FOOcamp rules.

Highlights so far include Segway rides, non-scalable introduction ceremonies, brainstorming sessions and improvised talks on biomimetic design, open source biology, "You are the platfom-- functional body modification", gaming as ecologically sustainable decadence (that was me, of course), meeting and hanging with my favorite Technorati and Flickr and boingboing masterminds, Are You a Werewolf? games until 5 AM, my first night sleeping outdoors in a tent (not that much sleep though--see aforementioned Werewolf games!), learning more about what O'Reilly Media does and wants to do more of(love it), and making smores with many more wicked smart folks. Still to come: danah boyd and I lead the first (annual?) FooCamp Zen Scavenger hunt...

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