Saturday, December 10, 2005

Invented! Chicken Soccer Bowling

Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

Chicken soccer bowling is just like regular bowling, only it's played in a hallway, with a goalie, you bowl both balls at once, and there is a stuffed chicken involved.

How to play Chicken Soccer Bowling:
1. Find hallway.
2. Obtain children's plastic bowling set.
3. Recruit "goalie."
4. Give goalie stuffed chicken to hold between his or her knees.
5. Bowler hurls 2 plastic bowling balls at the pins, consecutively or simultaneously. Bouncing off walls allowed, but no throwing!
6. Goalie stands behind pins and attempts to block balls from knocking pins over.
7. Goalie must not drop stuffed chicken from between legs.

For finer points of gameplay, including strategies for both bowler and goalie, click through annotated Flickr photos here.

Invented by Jane and Kiyash at a birthday party on 12.3.05. Welder's mask optional.


Autumn said...

The toasters are here. Just wanted to let you know. :)

Caleb said...

Chicken Soccer Bowling is now the official sport of Linux users who don't care about Microsoft's Live Messenger

Anonymous said...

this game seems directly descended from turkey bowling, exclusively played post-drinking hours in 24 hour supermarket.

one sets up however many 2 liter bottles of favoured carbonated drink, picks a suitable frozen turkey, and slides it down along a newly mopped floor.

main rule: how long you can get away before being ejected from store.

game officially lame if store employees join in.