Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MISSING OUT ON THE YEAR 2019? Go on a whirlwind tour of Superstruct now!

What players are saying about Superstruct so far…

“Superstruct is making my brain unfurl in the most hopeful ways…” - RachelAnnYes

“It’s my favorite vision of the future ever. Because it’s a future that I can actually be useful in.” - Andrew

“We need a SEHI brain-matter reclamation service, for when our heads explode from the possibilities.” – NordicNinja
If you haven’t had time to explore the world of 2019 yet, don’t worry – it’s easy to catch up!

Each week, our Superthreat guides publish a summary highlight of the most important ideas, the most dramatic stories, and the most ingenious superstructures… think of it as a whirlwind tour of the future. Take one tour, or take all five! Below, you’ll find links to the first round of reports.

If you’re inspired along the tour, please take a minute to leave a comment on a story, add a discussion post, or join a superstructure… Every time you log in and make a contribution to the site, you’re making a valuable contribution to our future. You’re helping other superstructors build their ideas, you’re adding to our research database, and you’re developing your own Superstruct powers…

So please don’t be a silent observer of the future. Log in, do something, say something, and help invent a world we want to live in!

Take a whirlwind tour of the future!

Fear is turning out to be as big a threat as disease. But the arts community and the tech community are fighting back… TAKE THE QUARANTINE TOUR

Can you hear the thunder, people? It's the sound of several billion rumbling stomachs: the portent of a coming storm. The whole world is ravenous, and feeding time is nigh. TAKE THE RAVENOUS TOUR

A lot of people are suffering, but there is also a real groundswell of practical and ingenious solutions emerging… TAKE THE POWER STRUGGLE TOUR

Blocking griefers, repelling trojans, and bootstrapping the site seem to have taken precedence over our superstructing mission…But do desperate times call for desperate measures? Could hackers play a positive role in tackling the superthreats – by forcing transparency, revealing hypocrisy, and breaking up the dinosaur instititutions which are resisting change? TAKE THE OUTLAW PLANET TOUR

The GEAS report is enough to scare the living daylight out of any human being. But never give up, SEHIs… TAKE THE GENERATION EXILE TOUR

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