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Superstruct: We're half-way to saving the world. Here's the Story So Far...

Justice for Audrey
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We're halfway through the Superstruct experiment. Want to catch up on the story so far? Here's the latest news and gossip from 2019. As you can see, there's a lot going on in our future. But don't let it intimidate you. If you haven't participated yet, it only takes 5 minutes to make your first contribution to the future. Please register and complete your survival profile now -- we need your help to win the game by November 17!


The future's changing us faster than we're changing the future. … In response to the World Health Organization’s suggested limits on gatherings of more than twelve people, Assembly12 is leading other superstructures in creating voluntary systems for crowd reduction. And the New Modesty is coming into fashion, thanks in part to the superstructure of the same name. Covered heads, covered hands, covered faces ... all can save lives. But fashion is one thing and violence is another. As the Administrator for Zone M17 reports, Taliban-like attacks are taking place in the street on men and women (mostly women) who are not "modestly" dressed…. Take the second Quarantine tour.

Other breaking Quarantine news:

Governments around the world step up quarantines, despite promises: Injunctions filed in US, UK, and Mexico

Biowarfare Claims in Pakistan-India Tensions: Guerilla groups use asymptomatic carriers as "Bio-Bombs"

ReDS Collaboratory Initiative Launched: Global open source project begins developing ReDS treatment

Businesses Closed in San Diego: The San Diego city council has issued a closure order for most businesses in fight against ReDS

Mybu4 Virus Spreads: The anti-ReDS bacteriophage Mybu4 has been found in the drinking water of London, Rio


We're just past week two of the global Superstruct push, and SEHIs are attacking the problems of food-supply from every angle -- from Vat-grown Protein to Stone Soup. As solutions continue to arise, however, so do the challenges. We're getting reports of continued battles on the home front for personal food security -- and SEHIs in California are advised to guard against robotic food collectors, a.k.a. RFCs, raiding community gardens. Such thefts certainly aren't a problem for producers only, increasing reports of grocery store robbery have surfaced as food prices rise…. Take the second Ravenous tour.

Other breaking Ravenous news:

Fears of food tampering intensify as more poisoned food discovered: European Justice Ministry suspects coordinated attacks

US Wheat Crop Shows Signs of Blight Infection: A wheat blight Ug99 outbreak has been confirmed in the US harvest for the first time

Food Riots Spread: Violence in France over rumored food supply problems have spread, despite government pleas

75% of New Trees Must Be Fruit-Bearing: Washington DC adopts local-food ordinance to replace ornamental trees

Transgenic Contamination Throws Winter Wheat: Source and impact of the genetic modifications are as yet unknown


The worrying development this week has been the arrest of GEAS president Dr. Audrey Chen and her team by the US Department of Justice. The one organisation that's actually doing something concrete, organised and constructive about facing up to the challenges of our times and this happens. It seems the proverbial ostrich not only has its head in the sand - it's also blindly kicking out at anyone who might want to take a look around...There's all sorts of speculation as to the reasons behind all this, but for now the most important thing we can all do is show our support for Dr. Chen. Meanwhile, a brilliant Superstructure has just been launched by lehall and some co-conspirators - if you feel that your own Superstructure has stalled, or you're not sure how to move it forward and contribute to a better future then get in touch with the Mission Makers…. Take the second Power Struggle Tour.

Other breaking Power Struggle news:

Survey shows that governments, corporations not trusted as energy information resources: May make public more susceptible to energy scams

Sea Power Piracy: Portuguese wave power system hijacked

Solar is Civil Defense: Solar Power advocates offer demonstrations, advice

Oil-Eating Microbes Found in Alaska: Level of disruption of reserves unknown

TransAfrica Power Backbone Begun: Individuals help generate power from Cairo to Pretoria


in the last update, we asked you whether noble ends could ever justify morally questionable ways of getting there. 20 days in, and we're starting to settle on an answer. We might not like what the outlaws mean for our day-to-day existence. But that isn't something that's stopping us from using their methods in the name of a greater good. Looking at superstructures, The Society for the Creative Breaking of Shit ('strategic griefing of the unacceptable') has been at the head of this shift. And on a more personal level - some SEHIs have been re-evaluating their choice of hat.... Take the second Outlaw Planet tour.

Other breaking Outlaw Planet news:

GEAS Leadership arrested, Director Audrey Chen remains in custody: US Justice Officials call the GEAS report "a brazen act of psychological terrorism"

Cal-Threat Hacked: The California Superthreat Warning Network has been hacked, with no resolution in sight.

Attacks on GEAS: GEAS personnel and volunteers are being targeted, and all Superstructers should be careful.

Micro-"Spore" Spy Swarms Pose Security, Health Risk: Tiny drones cause big problems by capturing and transmitting nib pen movement

"Countdown" Malware Mystery Deepens: Virus surfaces again in networked refrigerators, stereos, AR headsets, and more


The superthreats are converging for climate refugees. Displaced persons who have become infected with the ReDS virus are facing yet another danger, of the human variety. In Nevada, roving gangs have been reported abducting ReDS victims from their homes and executing them. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, GEAS volunteer noplacelikehome tells a story of being abducted by a terrorist group who is trying to accelerate the Voluntary Extinction Movement by making people believe that they are infected with ReDS! Meanwhile The Democratic Central African Republic, or DCAR, has recruited a group of 16 million African refugees from various warring countries who "lost the will to continue fighting but will not allow each other to declare victory"... Take the second Generation Exile tour.

Other breaking Generation Exile news:

Refugees now being used as unconventional weapons, according to UN: Mass migration seen as a form of warfare

"Can't Go Home Again": Central American returnees meet resentment, fear.

Kashmir Conflict Pushes Migration: Rising tensions along the India-Pakistan border have increased migration from the two nations.

Nomads in the American Desert: Burning Man organizers plan for a new refugee promised land

New Orleans Diaspora Launches Virtual Museum: A "reunificaton portal" seeks to provide history, community, and connection


Breaking news and urgent alerts from GEAS:

GEAS Superstructing Tips from Senior Participation Architects: IFTF's director of game R & D gives a "how to play" Superstruct update -- plus GEAS issues the 14K point challenge!

Participation Bandwidth Strained! GEAS recommends a Top 3 Superstructure strategy: Senior participation architects at GEAS advise SEHIs to consolidate and declare their top 3 superstructures.

“Grassroots is not enough – critical failure looming”: Supercomputer predicts bottom-up efforts will lose momentum by late 2020

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