Thursday, October 09, 2008

Superstruct Updates -- the future happens fast, and a party invitation!

Superstruct has been live for 60 hours, or 2.5 days! Join us now -- it only takes 20 seconds!

The Superstruct community is growing FAST! We are averaging a new player -- or Super-Empowered Hopeful Individual (SEHI), as they are called in the world of 2019 -- every 90 seconds, around the clock. That means we're at over 2300 SEHIs already, so this is a great time to get involved, make allies and contribute something new to the game world.

Your first mission when you join is to invent your future self by filling out a social network profile for the year 2019. It is super-fun to read some of these profiles and find out what people hope to be up to a decade from now. Here is my 2019 profile, and here is my husband's 2019 profile. His really surprised me -- does Kiyash really plan to be an kind of outlaw news producer in 10 years? Uh oh!!

There are too many exciting things going on in Superstruct to name them all here. I'm particular excited about the Art Replacing Knowledge superstructure and some potential pro-social shaming campaigns getting underway (yes, I am curious if something like shaming can become a benevolent gesture... do for transparency what Cruel 2 B Kind did for assassination??) My own superstructure that I founded is Gamedemic -- the goal is to make games so sticky that people voluntarily quarantine themselves during pandemic outbreaks. If you can describe your favorite game in 2019, you can join Gamedemic!

Finally, an invitation -- Kiyash and I will be going to the first known live Superstruct event in Santa Cruz this weekend. It's a player-organized potluck dinner party IN A CAVE for members of an "underground railroad" for climate refugees on the California Coast. Now you can't seriously tell me you have something more interesting to do on Saturday night than go to a dinner party for climate refugees organized by an underground railroad network IN A CAVE. Whoo whooo!!

(As our potluck contribution, we're bringing "bootleg 2019 champagne" which we're not supposed to be drinking because we're part of a local food economy and importing champagne is very taboo)

RSVP here and I'll see you there!!

P.S. Here's an awesome immersive invitation to the event -- fast forward to the final 30 seconds for the fun invitation!


Justin Pickard said...

Ah, but will you be wearing the wig? ;)

Jane said...

a ha! yes I will be in my 2019 attire, purple streaks and all ^_^

Nick Ernst said...

Jane, Superstruct is evolving fantastically! It's certain to be the dominant topic today at the Santa Cruz Salon. I'm afraid I didn't read the invite to the potluck until this morning, so myself and a number of excellent people weren't able to make it. However if you met any people in Santa Cruz who would want to meet others Superstructing, direct them to me; they'd be welcome guests (as you are) at our Salon every other Sunday afternoon. Cheers,

-Nick, (or Captain Hazard in Superstruct)

Anonymous said...

So this game is all about imagination and creativity? Hmmm interesting...