Monday, August 01, 2005

Undead Jane

Undead Jane
Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

On Saturday, after photo mobbing One Bush Street, I decided there really ought to be more mobbing. So I showed up ready to be bloodied and shredded as part of a lovely humanitarian effort to Zombify downtown San Francisco.

It was an "under-engineered, self-generating Zombie mob" organized by the brilliant minds of Eat Brains.

Four minutes of hysterical, I mean horrifying San Francisco Zombie footage can be watched through your fingers here... if you dare! Thanks, Kiyash, for the amazing footage.

P.S. You can see also more of the Zombie mob in the upcoming Night of the Living Dead public domain-inspired music video for the ridicul ously amazing Subliminal Twinkeez, featuring hip hop front man Ramiz (Kiyash's bro). Stay tuned...


Lindsay Stewart said...

the perky pink knapsack, white kneesocks and pigtails make for an adorable zombie, brain eating, urban nightmare. cheers from canada

Anonymous said...

One word to all this...


Caleb said...

No, i'm pretty sure its cool. I mean, i will probably never do this (zombie at least), but it's pretty awesome.

Ok, forget my earlier i want to do this!